2020 Back to Earth

by Kayleth

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Your hope flies high, anyway they still lie Remember when you sold out the world? You filled your pockets till you burst I can imagine how you felt When you turned your back on your brothers and your sons You flew so high, as the world began to die While everyone praised you In your sick heart you knew what to do You will never have my preference Populism and politics don’t represent a chance You flew so high, as the world began to die You got everything, go away and don’t say a word You flew so high, go fuck yourself and go to die You vote, they lie, you die with your hope
When the giant machine came I was just a kid, still to be weaned They broke the trees and our lives And seemed like angry gods When everything was flat The concrete river, began to flood From that desert of concrete Metal giants rose up in the sky I know never be the same When the giant machines came Humanity no longer had control And from that desert of concrete We lost our memories
I feel a thrill running down my spine I push the engine to the maximum The road is burning under the big wheels Escape is like a drug, for those who don’t want to listen I’m feeling the loneliness Before me there are countless roads Something useful breaks in my car There are only shoes now, and need to walk Embraced by the moon and the sun There’s no noise here
I faced the storm Whit no cloack and nothing frightens me I ate the soil And its taste was orrible for me It wasn’t my right place In the dawn of resurrection There is no room for affliction I heard a voice Whitout shame, and it did not scare me And inside the fog Someone took me And showed me my place in the universe All I go left is strong and bound
You live inside me So don’t lie to me The only way: understand what you feel without playing and hide behind walls face to face like we were twins when we lost our self-control? When we forgot we were loved? We have stopped dreaming Hold me, the wolves are coming Hold me, let me fell you’re there Hold me, make me fragile Guide me to the sun
Now I’m here to, let me by your side on this journey I have lost my certainties, and among those creatures include myself It’s not a dream, you can’t complain Here we are without glory and fame Don’t leave, your soul, don’t fight, don’t hate, no race, don’t choke, your life, always knows You’re not alone, in your uniqueness, there’s nothing out there like you. In the fall, you see, our world, from another point of view
How many lights in the sky How many toughs in your mind Electrons in turmoil Don’t spend alone tonight Find someone to talk And hold him in a hug How long I’ve been blind, but not anymore When you fell alive And bite the night Feel its metallic taste And when the sound pervades you, and lights embraced you you can touch life again
You fall, among the thorns of a dead life You sold, your soul for lifeless things When you least expect it Life gives you a chance You can ride the wave Or be buried by the avalanche Choose, what do you want for the future Don’t get lost in this sea of meaningless things
Sea ; stars ; flat ; the night I sail on a flat pond, nobody notices me I look into the abyss, nobody calls me In this lonely place, the siren song becomes loud Take me where they want, but I can’t give into it In this lonely world, negative things have a bewitching song Cover your ears, so the life boat is sailing on
Finally the elders gathered after the dream They saw a lightning bolt ripping trough the sky The wait is over, now everything will be revealed The race is over, who has made a mistake will pay Our troubles are over we ask and we were satisfied Elders without knowing it, made demands as beggar Ardent desires came true, and the old dreams were realized All your sin is on my shoulders and I don’t want them


After years of travelling through space looking for new worlds, on May 8th Italian stoner rockers Kayleth return to their home planet with the hotly anticipated release of their third full-length album, titled "2020 Back to Earth", via their mothership Argonauta Records. While each of the band's records tell a story, this time Kayleth find the earth in a disastrous condition, a planet mutilated by its humans. But Kayleth won't give up. The wish to understand how life works and express it through music is a springboard to change the world with their sound. And this is a heavy dose of the Doom, Psychedelic and Stoner hailing of the realms of Space Rock.


released May 15, 2020


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Kayleth Verona, Italy

Kayleth were born in Verona on 2005 with the target to create a stoner band inspired by Kyuss, Orange Goblin, 7zuma7 and Monster Magnet. Kayleth are: Massimo Dalla Valle (guitar), Daniele Pedrollo (drums), Michele Montanari (synth), Alessandro Zanetti (bass) and Enrico Gastaldo (voice). ... more

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